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Project overview

PBFT algorithm

In the view numbered VV, one replica node is the primary node and the other replica nodes are backup nodes. The primary node is mainly used to receive the request message sent by the client, which is selEPCed by the formula PP = VMOD | R | = VMOD | R | and | R | is the number of storage replica nodes, Then start the view change, change the current view number VV, and selEPC the master node according to the above formula

Medical blockchain

The pbft algorithm only needs more than four nodes to start. Compared with the blockchain system based on pox algorithm, the block chain system based on pbft algorithm has lower startup cost, is suitable for early exploration and later expansion, and does not need a lot of computing power to maintain. Therefore, this paper will use the pbft consensus algorithm to realize a blockchain suitable for medical system

Foundations of Cryptography

Cryptography is the most important part of a blockchain system, and is the basis of realizing the function of blockchain. The cryptography foundation involved in blockchain mainly includes encryption and decryption algorithm, hash algorithm and digital digest, Merkle tree, digital signature, digital certificate and PKI system

Token issue

Total Issuance

The total issuance will be 1 billion; this total is constant and will never be exceeded. Initially based on ERC20 issuance, it will later develop its own main chain, with ERC20 tokens and main network tokens mapped at a 1:1 ratio.

EPC thinks that the output of mining by uploading data and mining by wisdom medical robot Dpos is 600 million (50% of which are mined by robots and 50% by uploading data)

ICO part: 250 million, the unsold part will be completely destroyed (wisdom medical users participating in ICO can obtain the lease right of wisdom medical robot, the right to obtain psychotropic drugs and the right to reduce medical expenses)

Volumes reserved by the team: 150 million

The part of volumes reserved by the team is allocated as follows:

Foundation 10%: reserved to support the operation of the foundation and to provide the necessary funds for the healthy development of Medical chain (EPC), including audits; consulting, legal and other third-party fees; and other management costs;

Technology development 30%: including costs; general expenses; and expenses dirEPCly attributed to release development, including funding hackathons, rewarding volunteers, and training programmes;

marketing 15%: Including business development; community planning and outreach; related demand survey and analysis; marketing formulation and execution; and other marketing expenses.

Public relations 10%: including public opinion monitoring; investor relationship maintenance; media relationship maintenance; and public relations

Team operation 17%: including the daily development costs of the projEPC.

Dsponsorship 8%: including conferences, research plans, and university outreach

Private investments 10%: early investor work

Epidemic prevention Chain Core Team

Ravi /CEO

 Mr. Ravi in 2012 years into the encrypted currency wave, and set up a blockchain investment fund to participate in the SC StorJ Taste Analytics and other blockchain storage, big data analysis industry projEPCs early investment.Founded in 2019, the EPC Foundation is committed to a decentralized, inclusive public ecological alliance of digital assets.

Christophe /CMO

From Birmingham, UK, graduated from the University of London, London School of Economics, received an honorary degree in economic law and accounting, and has a master's degree in human resources management, engaged in block chain technology research for more than ten years, internationally renowned block chain experts, Has participated in the development of a number of star block chain projEPCs.

Kenny /CTO


Kenny graduated from Tartu University and is a senior programmer. He has more than 6 years of data analyst and technology development experience. Proficient in RTableau and pytho analysis spark and python programming BigData driven programs.

Development planning

December 2020: the Epidemic prevention Chain projEPC was approved and started.

December 2020: establish alliance medical team.

December 2020: the first stage of main network research and development is officially launched, and the developer plan is officially launched.

December 2020: EPC team will receive 5 million USD investment from JRR crypto for EPC main network research and development and medical data storage.

January 2021: global offering of EPC tokens.

February 2021: the main network of medical chain is online.

March 2021: EPC will reach a strategic cooperation with the intelligent medical system development platform, and jointly develop a medical data visualization system with blockchain technology as the core.

April 2021: EPC team intends to cooperate with sensetime Group Ltd, Yitu technology, megvii technology and other companies to jointly develop a medical data visualization system with blockchain technology as the core.

May 2021: EPC's first dividend: 15 million tokens.

June 2021: DAPP will be officially launched and ecological construction will be gradually completed. The projEPC global city tour will reach Italy and South Korea, and will promote 30 large hospitals to serve 3 million users.

July 2021: EPC team will reach strategic cooperation with American CIGNA, Swiss Chubb limited and new China Life Insurance Company;

August 2021: the EPC team will receive an investment of $10 million from collinstar capital Pty Ltd to design and build a global health insurance system.

August 2021: EPC ranked second Dividend: 35 million tokens.

September 2021: the second stage R & D of EPC main chain has been completed.

October 2021: EPC ranked second Dividend: 50 million tokens.

June 2022: the medical and health institutions of Epidemic prevention Chain will be built.

November 2022: medical chain medical institutions will officially operate.